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Mandatory certification

Transportable Pressure Equipment T-PED

Directive 2010/35/EU TPED - Transportable Pressure Equipment

CSI works in the CE marking of Transportable Pressure Equipment since 2005, as Inspection Body and as a Testing Laboratory.

This Directive comprises with a particular marking "π" equipment having three characteristics: Pressure, Intrinsic dangerousness of the content and Transportability. It deals then with containers of various shape and nature intended for the transport of gases under pressure or liquified or in solution, e.g., steel bottles for liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), oxygen or acetylene.

European Directive 2010/35/EU includes both the new manufactured products (having the T-PED requirements) and the also existing equipment on the market with a "re-evaluation" procedure according to T-PED; for the existing products it provides periodic inspections in order to verify the keeping of the safety requirements needed to reuse the products under pressure (e.g. rechargeable steel bottles).
The products intended to transport gases of various nature may be: steel bottles, cylinders or pipes, drums, cryogenic containers, steel bottles frames, accessories and valves.

CSI is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, under the European number 0497, to operate as Certification and Inspection Body and Testing Laboratory for all products and for all provided certification procedures.

Nando - European Commission - Europa - T-PED Notification
Notification of a Body in the framework of a technical harmonization directive

Nando - European Commission - Europe - T-PED Directive
Directive 2010/35/EU - transportable pressure equipment of 16 June 2010 on transportable pressure equipment and repealing Council Directives 76/767/EEC, 84/525/EEC, 84/526/EEC, 84/527/EEC and 1999/36/EC


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