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Mandatory certification

Equipment under pressure (PED)

Directive 2014/68/EU – CE marking 
The Directive applies to design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies under a maximum allowable pressure PS of 0.5 bar.
The PED Directive covers a wide range of equipment, such as containers and tanks, pipes, safety valves, steam boilers; the assemblies made by a lot of equipment must comply with this Directive as well.
CSI has been working in the field of CE marking of pressure equipment directive since 2002, as Notified Certification Body (NB0497).
Equipment and assemblies under pressure 
PED Directive requires  the assessment of all equipment under pressure whose pressure exceeds 0,5 bar in order to establish the risk category, the compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements (ESR) and the procedures of verification and attestation provided  by the Directive itself.
Examples of equipment/assembly included in the Directive:
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure filters
  • Tanks
  • Fixed tanks
  • Valves
  • Valves and other safety devices 
  • Pipes and sketch
  • Boilers
  • Fire extinguishers and firefighting systems
  • Pressurized skid
  • Industrial refrigeration systems
  • Hydraulic systems
The Directive divides the equipment under pressure and their components into a classification in terms of risk: from 1 to 4 according to the object of certification (vessels, heated pressure equipment, pipes) fluid contained (liquid, gas), the fluid danger
The risk category is established according to the physical parameters (pressure, volume/ND, temperature).
Classes  2nd, 3rd and 4th require the intervention of a Notified Body, such as CSI.
Certification steps with a Notified Body
The manufacturers:
  1. Submit a Ce Marking request
  2. Submit to CSI the design and the preliminary technical documentation in order to be approved
  3. Perform an inspection/test in the presence of CSI
  4. Give CSI the documents when the technical file is complete.
  5. Receive the PED Conformity Certificate by CSI
  6. Write the EU Declaration of Conformity
  7. Affix the CE marking, followed by the CSI identification number CSI NB 0497.
Following the above mentioned steps, in case of serial production, surveillance audits are carried out on the product/production.
In case of any further question or quotation, please contact:
Stefano Martegani
Tel. 0039 02 38.330.205
Massimiliano Silipigni
Tel. 0039 02 38.330.337
E-mail: ped@csi-spa.com     

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