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Mandatory certification

Construction Products (CPR)

Regulation (EU) n. 305/2011 – Constructions Products

CSI works in the field of CE marking of construction products since 2004, as Certification Body and Testing Laboratory.

Regulation (EU) n. 305/2011 repealed and fully replaced on 1st July 2013 the European Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD). Under the CPR, from 1st July 2013 a construction product incorporated in a permanent manner in construction works needs to be CE marked, ranging from base elements (panels, etc.) to finite components (doors, windows, etc.), to firefighting devices (fireplugs, etc.).

The CE marking is applied on the products or on the packaging, is accompanied by the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the manufacturer is legally engaged to supply the market with a product complying with the requirements according to the specific harmonized standards; the essential requirements provided by the European Commission are the same in all the EU Countries and then  the product may freely circulate all over the European Union market.

Some important implications of the CE marking are: the existing national standards for some  products, i.e. where the prevention against fires is concerned (essentially the fire reaction and the fire resistance homologations) are replaced by the new European standards, allowing then the circulation of the products  without the need  of further national homologations.

The procedures of AVoCP (Assessment and verification of constancy of performance) are stated by the European Commission on the basis of criteria regarding the destination use of the products and the safety. Notified Body tasks are the following, depending on the products: Factory inspections to validate the Factory Production Control (FPC), continuous surveillance to verify the continuity of the manufacturers' control, Type Testing (ITT) to verify in laboratory the requirements.

The procedures,  named  “Systems”, are: 1+, 1, 2+, 3, with a progressive minor intervention by the Notified Bodies until System 4 that provides only the declaration of performance of the manufacturer.

CSI is a Notified Body (European number 0497) for certification, inspection  and testing by the Ministry of Economy Development, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, for all the main products included in the Directive.

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Paolo Monticelli 
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